Net Neutrality is Dead, At Least For Now

This is a big deal for US Internet users. A Federal Appeals Court today ruled that Internet providers can vary the bandwidth they provide to their consumers based upon the site being used, and this is bad news for Netflix, Amazon, and all small websites that are bandwidth intensive at all. It’s as though suddenly the town you live in has become a walled city, and there are only a few gates out. If you want to get to that place that’s a mile away as the crow flies, now you’ve got to go out through the gate and around; it could take four times as long or more. It’s a bad ruling that benefits only the ISPs and their other businesses, and gives those companies an unfair advantage in the business landscape, and that’s always bad for consumers.

But you can do something about it. You need to write your Congressman, because with the court ruling, only a Net Neutrality law can change things back.

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