Temple of the Golden God


This is the Basilica di San Marco in Venice, Italy, very early on a summer morning, before any (other) tourists were up. The sun was just rising over the collonaide behind me, guilding the facade of the church, which is actually a cream-colored marble.

The Scaffolding Issue is a common problem shooting in Eurpoe, where restoration work seems to always progressing in small pieces on these very old structures. Do you photoshop it out? Crop it? I don’t know the answer, and I don’t have photoshop, so i just try to pretend it’s not there. It’s always a killer though, when you’ve travelled so far, to find the scaffolding up on buildings you want to shoot….


  1. Considering the age, and knowing maintenance issues of simply owning a house, the scaffolding is an important part of the story. Yes it would be “prettier” without it, just not as real.
    It’s a great, don’t sell it short. (cigarette butts in lower right hand corner notwithstanding.) 🙂

    • Ha! Thank you 🙂 The cigarette butts were one of the best parts, I thought. That’s Italy 🙂 But maybe not for much longer…

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