One thing about having kids is it’s very difficult to find time to get out and pursue your interests that don’t intersect with the kids. I’m at work all day, and I come home and have dinner with the family, then we take the kids to bed and my wife and I have a little time together, and it’s time to get to bed so we can do it all over again tomorrow. So essentially, if I want to take pictures of things other than my kids or things around the house, it’s got to happen before work or after the kids go to sleep. But then, before work isn’t such a great time since then I’m leaving before my kids wake up, so I don’t get the see them in the morning, which I try to avoid. Fortunately, my wife kindly lets me take off for a few hours on occasion to take photos after the kids go to sleep. Which is all just a long way of explaining why you’ll be seeing a lot of night HDRs on this site.

This is from the first of those “Photography Nights,” when I just drive from location to location shooting whatever comes to mind within like a 10-mile radius of my house. This is the Newport Blvd bridge going to Lido Island, in Newport Beach, CA. It’s not exactly a beautiful bridge, but I think it’s a fantastic structure with the reflection in the still water and all.

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