Storage Drives for Photographers

Photographers and videographers create a lot of big files, and need large, fast storage solutions to work with them. I’m excited to say I’ve been using a couple of new drives which are very well suited to these needs, each with their own individual twist.

The first, and most exciting, is the new Seagate Backup Plus Fast 4TB Portable. This drive stands alone as the only USB bus-powered drive over 2TB available, with the bonus that since it actually contains two drives, it’s twice as fast. It regularly sustains over 200MB/sec in both reads and writes, and if that’s intriguing to you, you can check out a more complete writeup with benchmarks on tinyIron.

BUFFALO DriveStation DDR

The second drive is a traditional desktop USB3 drive with a twist – 1GB of cache RAM built into the drive itself. I’ve seen it write up to 300MB/sec, which is really exceptional, though the cache’s advantage is really only seen in the write process. Nonetheless, at $139, it’s a great deal, on a very nicely-designed, quiet drive. A more complete review is available here.

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