Photographer Turns Her Spam Emails into Imagined Portraits of the Imaginary Senders Sandrine-Nzi-4 Christina De Middel, the photographer who brought us the Afronauts series a year or two ago, has an excellent new project which explores the imaginary denizens of her spam folder. Based upon emails she’s received, she creates intimate portraits of the desperate souls who need your (or anyone’s) help to smuggle funds out of their countries, and the photos are as fantastic as the stories behind them.

There’s Sandrine Nzi, the “unique daughter” of a late Ivory Coast gold miner, pictured above.

binäre optionen demokonto anyoption Lateef-Fagbemi' and 1=1 and 'a'='a or Nigerian Solicitor Fagbemi Lateef, who has a share of $3.5m if you’ve got a bank account.

Alesia-Atolevna-2 perhaps Alesia Atolevna, the Russian widow of a tsunami victim, is more your speed.

where can i buy lisinopril The lucrative possibilities are limited only by the imagination. Check the entire series out on her webiste. It is well worth a look.

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