On the Jawbone 2 and the Plantronics 925

Jawbone 2, I can’t help but look longingly at your sleek, handsome design…I pored over reviews of your clever noise-cancellation technology, but ultimately, Jawbone 2, we were destined to split. And I can honestly say it’s not me, baby, it’s you.

Sure, it started out well enough. Your designers had wisely choosen to abandon your predecessor’s terribly brittle metal earloop design which were constantly snapping in two in my pocket when not in use, upgrading you to a presumably more durable plastic loop. And things were great in the beginning. I loved your slimmer profile. I thought your sound was even clearer that the Jawbone 1. But to my surprise I quickly discovered you had the same fatal flaw. Beneath that plastic veneer, you had a brittle metal prong as well, no more durable than your predecessor. I tried to overlook this obvious flaw, as I quickly went through the four differently sized earloops that came with you, despite the fact two of them didn’t fit me at all. But ultimately you were just too high maintenance. I couldn’t handle the repeated trips to Jawbone’s site to order more packs of $15 ear loops, and I had to put you out.

But what’s this? there’s a new silicone in-ear replacement to do away with the loop? I was thrilled; we could start all over again. We got back together, and again things were good…for a few days. I tried to make it work, I really did…but the way you just kept falling out of my ear mid-conversation, well it was just plain rude. I did try all the sizes, but we just didn’t seem to fit, baby. It wasn’t going to work out.

It may sound crass, but I admit I immediately went looking for a replacement. An upgrade. and I found it on Amazon. The Plantronics 925.
She was slimmer, lighter, sleeker. She may not have quite the sound quality you had, baby, but she could stick with me through an entire conversation. She could go all weekend on a charge. She came with a clever battery-powered charging case for my pocket, and perhaps best of all didn’t use an earloop.

I’m not looking back. We had some good times, but I’ve moved up in the world. 925 and I are very happy together, even now, months later. I gave you to my father. Perhaps he’ll be more understanding of your flaws.