I have a problem. When I get interested in something, I get a little obsessive about it. Photography is a good example. When I was a kid I travelled a lot. I saw amazing things. I was in China in 1987, when it was still largely closed to the West. I was in East Germany before the wall came down. I was in Yugoslavia when it still existed. Stuff like that. And in all those trips, I never took a single picture. Flash forward to today. I take pictures everywhere. I carry my SLR with me almost everywhere I go, because I’m not willing to sacrifice the image quality for the convenience of carrying a pocketable cam. I get restless when I haven’t taken photos for a few days, and start searching for things around the house to take pictures of. It drives my wife a little nuts.

This picture came out of one of those moments. I’d just bought my first really nice lens, an EF 70-200 f4L, which is one of Canon’s sharpest lens designs, so of course I had to shoot something to check it out. There happened to be this great looking rose in the yard, so of course I setup my tripod and took some bracketed exposures for HDR, and look at how nicely it came out. Now when I think back to those trips I took as a kid, all the things that are gone or unrecognizably changed that I could have gotten images of, it kills me. That’s probably why I’m compelled to photograph everything I can these days. Ah well, I suppose there are worse compulsions.


    • Well…it’s a bit of a cheat, you know. I mean what you see is there, but you usually can’t see it nearly so well.

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