Never Fear: Democracy is Alive and Well in Russia

Putin supporters do their best to raise interest in the upcoming elections (photo credit unknown, but not by me)

Slightly off topic, but this article in Foreign Policy caught my eye the other day for some inexplicable reason. Elections are coming up in Russia, and the supporters of Putin and Medvedev are doing the best to get out the vote, Russian style 🙂

They even have two choices for President next year, just as we will…their current President, or their former President (and current Prime Minister), depending which one chooses to run. One has to admire the efficiency of it all.

It’s very unfortunate that Russia’s system is not a bit more open at this point. Russia has the resources to be a much larger world economic power than it currently is…but progress is being hampered by inconsistent application of existing laws, among other things. Uncertainty does not encourage foreign investment or the full possible pace of progress, and all of Russia suffers for it.

The following song is “I want to be your Koni”; Koni being Putin’s dog, of course. When a song in support of a politician has catchy lines like “I want to be your Koni / on the table and on the balcony,” well, that’s a level of political involvement seldom seen since Bill Clinton left office, so clearly these russian girls need to be applauded for their political fervor. Who says today’s youth aren’t passionate enough about politics?

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