Icelandic Girl

This is an older story from a past trip, but I haven’t posted anything new in so long, and feel so guilty about it, I figured I should post something. I’m still working on some stuff from the 2011 Russia / Scotland trip, but since it’s not ready to post, well, you get some old stuff I’d already written up somewhere else. Sorry 🙂

The only person I ever saw smoking a cigar in Iceland was me. A huge percentage of the population smokes cigarettes, but no one seems to smoke cigars. So, as near as I can figure it, it seems that when an Icelander sees someone smoking a cigar, the first thing that pops into their head is Tony Soprano.

When I shot this photo, I was walking around the main bar area in Reykjavik, smoking my cigar, and this girl walked up and started talking to me in the almost perfectly American-accented English that many young Icelanders so effortlessly display. Now, one of the first things all young Icelanders ask Americans in Iceland is “Why did you come here?” Iceland is such a small country, with a total population of only 300,000, that naturally the younger set can’t imagine why anyone would come from a place like America, where you can do just about anything, and voluntarily travel to a place like Iceland where there is comparably so little to do. It’s baffling to them. Anyway, after this typical Icelander-meets-American exchange, she followed up with a rather unusual request:

“Can I try your cigar? I want to see if I can be a Tough Guy.”

Naturally, my response was, “Sure, but I’m going to need a picture of this.”

Of course, she inhaled it like a cigarette, and just about died 🙂

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