Dolica Tripod AX620B100

I just took delivery of a new tripod, this Dolica, and I have to say for $45, I’m completely blown away by the quality of it. This is my first non-Manfrotto / Bogen that wasn’t a worn-out hand-me-down, and it is very solid. I look forward to providing updating this post as I use it further, but it seems clear it’s a great value for the money. Dolica ax620b100

Key features that impress me:

Reversible center post, useful for macro Flip lock legs that hold tightly and should support plenty of weight

Smart center column screw lock

Very large and very firm ballhead

Impressive positive-locking 3-position legs

MUCH better carry bag than for my bottom-of-the-line Manfrotto (which was more than twice as expensive).

The one thing I’m not thrilled about: The last (thinnest) leg extension could be beefier – it seems a bit thin, so I wonder how it’ll age, though when new, it does lock firmly and seems stable.

All in all, incredibly impressed with it! Check this out for macro work: Dolica ax620b100

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