AT&T Shure i2c-m earbuds for the iPhone (and Shure e2c)

So, moving slightly away from Apple stock talk, I wanted to share a little something I discovered the other day. I’ve long had a pair of Shure e2c earbuds which I love, but on a recent flight to Iceland (more on that later), I found the standard clear sleeves that came with them were really uncomfortable for 10 hours at a go. Flash forward 2 weeks.

I finally broke down and bought a set of the i2c-m earbuds, which are Shure i2c earbuds oem’d for AT&T and sold in AT&T stores. I bought them because Apple made a horrible decision and for some reason I can’t begin to fathom, decided to recess the headphone port on the iPhone so you can’t use the majority of existing headphones with it. So, wanting good headphones that worked with the iPhone AND had a mic for making calls, I broke down and bought the i2c-m. Well, they don’t come with the clear sleeves of the e2c; they come with black sleeves which are FAR more pliable and irritate your ear canals much less than the clear variety. I also verified that the black sleeves fit fine on the e2c’s, and what’s more, they seal far better than the clear sleeves, making the either set of buds sound much better than they do with the clear sleeves.

I know I’m going on and on about it, but if you have the clear sleeves, and they’re not comfortable, or you don’t get head-filling sound out of your e2c’s, you need the black sleeves in question. Just go down one size from your clear sleeves (if they’re not comfortable); it’s unreal the difference it makes. And the best part? They’re on Amazon and they’re cheap!

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