Edinburgh – American Hero – Episode 1

hedging strategie binäre optionen So the night from the previous post, when we were sitting beside the band and uh…drinking a hell of a lot of scotch, there was this Middle Eastern / Asian (much debate upon this point – I say she’s half ME and half Asian, but Eric says she’s just Middle Eastern) girl sitting at a table with another Middle Eastern girl. they’re sitting there drinking together, having a good time. The first girl is really into the band, the second girl could not have cared less about it. They start playing a card game at their table, off and on. So we’re aware of this table, which is close to the band as well, kind of on the other side of the band from us.

watch So, the band is playing a song, and suddenly Eric hops up from his chair, and it a very business-like way walks very quickly towards their table. I’m like WTF? Everyone else was pretty much saying the same thing. He grabs their menu, which is paper, and starts flapping it wildly. It’s on fire. It was too close to the candle on the table and no one but Eric seemed to have noticed it had caught fire. HAHA. It was pretty awesome. Eric put out the menu, carried it over to the bartender, and the band finished the song (they never stopped playing). The band then declared Eric “Our Hero” with much agreement from the crowd. Great story 🙂 Sadly, ME girls did not send us drinks…Poor form, ME girls! 🙂

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The girls in question, on each side of the drummer, alive and well thanks to Eric

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